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Saturday, 26 Jul 2014

Revival of the Chub masses.

The Aire was once renowned for big Chub. Although not generally renowned for the numbers of fish caught or for big match weights some fish were huge!!

Big Chub can still be caught but it seems as if the smaller Chub are thriving.


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Where did all the Barbel go and when will they get bigger?

It's summer time and that means one thing on the Aire BARBEL. For a number of years Barbel have been stocked into the river but for some reason they only show during the summer months? All summer long Barbel can be caught from most pegs at Silsden and Kildwick.


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Summer river levels and fish conservation. Please read.

It's the height of summer and we should be expecting river levels to fluctuate as they have done in previous years? Please look after the fish!


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Sunday, 5 May 2013

History of the Aire Valley Transport links and public navigation (PRN)

Public Right of Navigation (PRN).

In a recent letter to our local newspaper, there has been the suggestion that the river Aire is a Public navigable river or (PRN)?? To challenge this we need to look at the evidence supporting their claim? There are many ways that a,(PRN)may be formed on a river. The main one being "Does it have a navigation Act"? The river Aire above Leeds does not have a Navigation Act as it was not suitable for the transport of goods by river beyond Leeds,hence the need for the Leeds Liverpool Canal? The original concept in 1764 was to create a navigable stretch of river from Bingley to Carleton. There were far too many problems including depth and width of the river and the plan was abandoned in favour of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

The first section of the canal was completed between Bingley and Skipton in 1773.This in itself is proof that a NEW transport system was required to transport goods by water through the Aire Valley from Leeds. In many areas the canal network runs parallel to the river Aire so that would suggest the River Aire provided the most suitable route for the New canal to follow? The Leeds and Liverpool canal does have a PRN. The canal network thrived for some years even with the introduction of the first local rail network in 1843-1849.
In 1867 The Worth Valley Railway was opened mainly to transport coal to the textile mills between Keighley- Haworth and Oxenhope. Keighley Angling Club was formed in 1868 so it shows how imbedded in local history the club is.

Read the full story:


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