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Keighley angling club Events Page

No matter whether Keighley angling club is hosting or simply involved in an event, we are confident that our Fishing Club community will have a great and memorable time. Check out our schedule to find out what’s coming up next, and let us know if there are any events you’d like to see in the future.

Masonry Installation Services

Work Party

Happy for volunteers to help out on work party days with guidance from the Environment Agency working to keep the keighley club waters going for future generations up and coming event will be post soon.

25th july silsden stretch work party 10am start social distancing rules apply 


Maintenance works at Whitfield

Yorkshire water are under taking maintenance works on the over flow.
the water level will be dropped to complete the work. more details to follow
Whitfield is now open again but please stay clear of the work that is been done


 Keighley Angling Club Matches 

Match news and Updates

Preparing the Bait

Next Match Saturday the 1st of Augs at Silsden Bridge at 9 am

Contact Jack Woodham for more details

SAT 18th Match Results at Kildwick

  • Bob Granger - 6lb 7oz

  • Nigel Reilly - 5lb 7oz

  • Graham Whiteley - 2lb 6oz

  • Graham Brown - 2lb 4oz

  • Miggy Oxley - 1lb 2oz

  • Robbie Carter - 1lb 2oz

  • Pete Hodgson - 1 lb 1oz

Fishing Rods
Fishing Rod

27th june Match Results at Kildwick

  • Nigel - 6lb 7oz - Biggest fish at 3lb

  • Wayne - 0.94

  • Miggy - 1lb

  • Mick - 4.62lb Biggest 2lb 16oz 

  • Hodgson 2lb 10oz