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Keighley Angling club Rules

Basic Club Rules

  • Please be in possession of a valid member book or day ticket when fishing Club waters.

  • Please no littering as this may lead to expulsion from the club or cancellation of day permits.

  •  Anglers must hold a UK Rod permit at all times unless under the age not to required to hold one any offenders caught will be reported to the environment agency.

  • Adult members may take one under 12 year old fishing free. All under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. If the adult is a non-member he or she must first purchase a day ticket or club book before going fishing.

  • Should the conduct of any member be, in the opinion of the committee, injurious to the interest and character of the club , the committee, after a fair hearing, shall be empowered to expel any member.

  • Trout fishing to begin 25th March an to terminate 30th September. Coarse fishing to begin 16th June and to terminate 14th March no coarse fish to be taken.

  • Only the following fish can be taken: ONE TROUT over 12" in season per day. Members are requested to be careful with trout and to unhook carefully.

  • When Pike fishing a wire trace must be used, a minimum net size of 28”/70cm and unhooking mat is required.

  • All anglers to respect crops growing in adjacent fields and keep to designated footpaths.

  • An angler hooking any fish which has gored the bait must cut off the hook close to the mouth and return the fish to the water.

  • The Watchers can demand to examine any anglers tackle box or basket.

  • Members may make a safe place on the bank to fish from. No fires or barbecue.

  • No camping without landowner's permission. ​

For further rule's please refer to your club book

Holding a Book
Club Rules: Text
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